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Dr Peter Black, Managing Director, EnergySysDr Peter Black, Managing Director
Major oil and gas corporations are shifting their investments from retail-fueled businesses to consumer research for creating innovative and cost-effective products. For this, the oil and gas companies need to digitize their operations. These companies often have distinctive business necessities. Oil and gas software can serve such companies with explorations, extractions, production, and retail sales. Production, pipeline, plant operators, equipment manufacturers, and inspection services can utilize it, and this is where EnergySys, a UK-based cloud-service provider, is helping oil and gas companies have scalable, resilient, and configurable hydrocarbon management.

EnergySys aims to redefine the energy software space and has created a cloud-based platform that enables users to track the energy sector processes. The platform is simple, practical, and fully configurable, facilitating digital management of extraction processes, pipeline transportations, and cargo dispatches. The platform enables its users to make quicker and better-informed production and processing decisions, including accurate data acquisition, asset calculation, performance analysis, and reports. Users only require a browser to access the platform from anywhere and anytime.
The platform offers zero service interruption from the integration of new assets to the affirmation of data to reporting of outcomes. It facilitates efficient and flexible tracking of products from production to delivery. Users can effortlessly manage capacity booking, nomination, product quality assurance, and product allocation. EnergySys routinely modernizes the platform to offer its clients the latest functionalities trending in the market to the point where every small change in the system is logged for generating a complete audit trail and version history.

EnergySys enables its clients to carry out fundamental operations such as maintaining a record of the number of hydrocarbons produced from the reservoirs, what percentage of those were consumed, re-injected, disposed of, or transported. Users can measure flow, pressure, temperature, check chemical usage, store the samples and directly input the data from the oil field into the systems in the form of an Excel sheet, KML, CSV, or text file. Production forecasting is another expertise of EnergySys which utilizes current performance records and future operational exercises and projects. It analyses the data and forecasts production outcomes.

In addition to this, EnergySys enables its clients to trace the number of resources produced at each site and align them with the quantity being delivered and stored with the help of user-defined allocation metrics. Users can commence with the default templates and then modify them. EnergySys’s platform offers tools to carry out vital calculations related to production. The platform automates many of the activities mentioned above to ensure uniform and error-free operations. EnergySys offers high-efficiency performance and capabilities at a lower cost which is 100 per cent reliable with disaster recovery protocols in place. It provides customer support at no additional charge, which is responsive and personal. EnergySys has a pricing model, unlike the standard ones, that diminish the total cost of the solutions.

In the last quarter of 2020, EnergySys announced a new strategic alliance with flow measurement consultancy and software developer KELTON, which is well-known for its KCCL library for flow calculations. This new partnership will empower more customers of EnergySys to avail the benefits of KELTON’s verified KCCL library. EnergySys has redefined the energy software sector with its groundbreaking solutions, and with this new partnership, EnergySys will be able to deliver its solutions to an even larger global audience.
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Edinburgh, Midlothian

Dr Peter Black, Managing Director

EnergySys is redefining the energy software market and focusing on the generation of real business value by offering could-based solutions. Based on decades of experience in delivering HCA systems worldwide, it has developed a cloud-native platform to be as simple, efficient, and easy to use as possible. It’s fully configurable, so users don’t need programmers or IT projects to make changes. Regular upgrades are included in the subscription, so users always get the best functionality and are on the same version as every other user

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